In Memorial

In this section we list important people to VOICE who have passed away.

Lloyd Burkhardt (2006)

Teri Canady (2014)

Melvin Dove (2004)

Bill Gardner (2003)

JR Graffin (2010)

Joe Hogg

Mary Ann Hornbuckle (2006)

Jason (J-Byrd) Hughes (2014)

Mark Ippolito

Kay Jackson (2008)

Brandy Liston, OTR/L (2001) – Brandy’s mother (2011)

Robert Lynch (2014)

Lynn Martinka (2009)

June Olson (2009)

Ray Ruble

Dottie Sanderson (2014)

Floyd Simpson

Marilyn Soloman

Joyce Tackett

Tony Trujillo (2010)

Gena Wendell

Randy Werner (2005)

VOICE has purchased a bench in Saguaro Ranch Park as a memorial to all of those members of VOICE who have passed away. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this bench.

I hope you get a chance to stop by the Park and sit on the bench and reflect on your memories of those we have lost.

2 thoughts on “In Memorial”

  1. I’m so proud of what my father created, and my wonderful mother continues. I miss all of you that i’ve worked with and you have all been a great part of my life. god bless

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